The Pharaoh of Venice

392  pages

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Ebook published January 2019, Print Book (Hardcover and Paperback) published February 2019


Madeleine Galli is a young forensic psychologist who has just arrived in Venice to speak at a medical symposium, visit her aunt, and hopefully see some historic Italian art.

At her favourite café, she shares a table with a mysterious man who introduces himself as Logan Milan. Madeleine asks about his occupation and that simple enquiry sets in motion a chain of events, transporting Madeleine from her comfortable world into a new and far more dangerous existence where the laws of the universe she knows and trusts seem to have been twisted and replaced by a new set.

After a short but strange conversation, Madeleine agrees to meet Logan for an evening meal, partly to clarify some of the strange things he has said. Logan discovers that Madeleine has special abilities and talents which set her apart and make her very interesting to him. One ability in particular highlights her as exceptional, and it’s an ability she is completely unaware she possesses.

That decision launches the pair along a path that in equal measure becomes ever more dangerous and more mysterious as they struggle to unravel the meaning of the events whirling around them and race to unearth an object that is rapidly becoming the key to victory or failure – a golden cylinder reputed to contain artefacts of great power.

The stakes rise dramatically with each passing hour as they find it necessary to evade both the Police and their ruthless adversary who moves with increasing brutality to eliminate anyone who gets in his way. With the power of the objects contained in the golden cylinder under his control, his plans for global domination would be unstoppable.


The Pharaoh of Venice is the first book in the Tales of a Minor God series.

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Cover: Steven Novak (

ISBNs: 978-0-473-46338-0 (Ebook), 978-0-473-46339-7 (Hardcover), 978-0-473-46337-3 (Paperback)